Parenting in Sweden

In Sweden, it is an everyday image that could become more common and extensive, given the country’s new regulations on paternity leave. In many nations, the idea of ​​men taking time off from work to be with a newborn has yet to take hold. However, Sweden, which has been promoting paternity leave since 1974, is offering new incentives for dads to stay at home for up to three months. Which is good since many countries do not recognize the role of a parent in parenting, paternity leave is a reality and even more so when you are a single parent and you are not given paternity leave, it is good that Sweden has taken a step forward in supporting and nurturing children.

Sweden stands out for being one of the European Union countries with the highest fertility rate, close to 2 children per woman. It is not surprising that Swedish couples are encouraged to start a family, taking into account the facilities that the Welfare State provides them. Swedish couples can enjoy 16 MONTHS of maternity and paternity leave. Two months are for the mother, two for the father and the remaining 12 months, to be divided between the two as they deem appropriate. During the leave, parents receive 80% of their salary. If they have never worked, then they receive 400 euros per month. If after almost a year and a half of caring for the child, the father or mother decides that she does not want to return to work, the Swedish State pays the family 300 euros per month. It is not much, but if one parent works and the other is a housewife, at least they receive a monthly payment.

To promote equality, the Swedish State also establishes a bonus if the couple shared the leave at 50% (8 months for the mother and 8 months for the father). If they have twins, then the maternity leave is multiplied by two: 32 months to be distributed or 16 months for the two members of the couple. In addition, the family receives about 100 euros per month for each child until the child reaches 18 years of age. Another curious fact is the fact that it is not allowed to take children under 1 year to the nursery.

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