Sociocultural patterns in children

We are going to talk a little about the socio-cultural patterns of boys and girls, but in order to understand you, we must first ask ourselves what a socio-cultural pattern is, these are norms that are established in a region, city, or country according to customs. of a group of people and they change according to the advances, modifications and precisely those customs that are becoming common somewhere. These cultural patterns have to be established according to each person, since by the fact that you belong to a region you would not necessarily have to follow everything that the common people carry in their customs but rather the ones that you want to adopt if you have other good that you like from other regions or even countries, without imposing your ideas and without breaking with what is established that is «normal» for people.

Currently the media have a preponderant role in the transmission and conformation of gender values, mainly television, which through its greater impact and scope contributes to maintaining the gender division, since through its greater impact and Scope contributes to maintaining the gender division, since a very high percentage of the population has access to it, which is why early childhood education should be worthy of special attention so that the school begins to apply gender education, opening a process in which personal development of autonomy, affective and emotional security, knowledge of one’s own body and identity are outlined.

Curriculum planning must take extreme precautions to avoid any condition of inequality. It is necessary that early childhood education is impregnated with ethics that go beyond regulations or fashions and that it responds to egalitarian social and human relationships and not hierarchical by sexual difference. After all, we are putting part of the education of our children in the hands of professionals and teachers, they help to form part of the socio-cultural patterns that they will have to live their daily lives.

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