The role of ICT in Inclusion

Already a few decades ago we have seen how ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) have begun to make their way in an accelerated way in humanity, well, with the Covid-19 pandemic it became a fundamental tool and in On many occasions, almost exclusively, due to the difficulty of attendance, thus becoming an agent of social change in the educational process, providing better and greater opportunities for humanity. However, it is important to highlight that a large part of the population does not has access to these and therefore the learning possibilities that they offer in many communities are limited, but today we want to highlight the importance of this tool in children’s learning processes and especially in the important use it has had with children who are included.

When ICTs are made available to the child with an objective, in search of a specific purpose or as support, they facilitate learning processes or are also called – Meaningful Learning. Segura (2007) points out that ICT can promote motivation, interest in the subject, creativity, imagination and communication methods, as well as improve the ability to solve problems and work in groups. Which tells us how flattering this can be for an individual.

It is very important that people who work with children and make use of ICT know in advance the use of these so that they acquire specific skills, abilities and knowledge and thus be able to guide them appropriately. People who play the role of educator should always be self-assessing their possibilities and limitations, knowledge and skills, when we previously know these aspects, we can have greater capacity to properly guide another and train in those aspects that require learning or updating.

Whenever we make use of any information or tool that we find on the networks, it is crucial to verify the sources or reliability so as not to fall into ignorance, or misleading information. We must always be aware that the information we use is intentional, truthful and conscious.

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