Anime classification

The good thing about the diversity we handle in the world is that everyone adopts a trend in their own way, they transform an idea to create a new concept and this, just as it has happened with thousands of artistic currents, has also happened with anime. We have already seen what anime is in general but today we are going to see a little of the different currents that this trend has created, we could see it in the following way, anime is a great culture that has been divided into small subcultures with different aesthetics and details that make it unique. Today we are going to see some of the anime rankings.

As well as in different films we can see that anime has classic classifications such as: action, romance, comedy, adventure, among others. But one of the main classifications that we are going to see are those of the public, since in Japan the film companies divide their productions by target audience depending on the age of the users. These classifications are:

-Shouen: Means «child» in literal translation from Japanese. This type of anime is aimed at a young male audience, between 12 and 18 years old. It is considered the most popular anime and manga classification. The history of shounen anime generally focuses on the development and journey of the hero. There may be shounens of various genres and sub-genres, however, action anime are the most common, or also the famous battle shounen. Some examples in this classification are: Naruto, Dragon Ball, Knights of the Zodiac, Bleach and One Piece are some of the best known shounen anime.

-Shoujo: It means «girl» in its most literal translation. Shoujo anime is also aimed at young people, but mainly at women. The plot of the series generally features a girl as the protagonist, with the stories being more focused on dramas, romances, and other events that mark the development of women. Like shounen, shoujos can also come from different genres, such as mahō shoujo, a subgenre with warrior characters with magical powers. Besides Sailor Moon, other very popular anime in this genre are: Sakura Card Captor, Candy Candy and Ouran High School Host Club.

-Seinen: It means «adult». As the name implies, these anime are made for a more mature audience, usually between 18 and 40 years old. The seinen are intended for men and contain complex themes that would not be appropriate for younger people. Violent scenes are also part of seinen productions. Some examples of this classification are: One Punch Man, Berserk, Ghost in the Shell, Tokyo Ghoul and Akira are some famous examples from anime seinen.

-Kodomo: Literally means «little children». These are anime made with a focus on child audiences, as the name suggests, especially between the ages of 4 and 10. Kodomo stories often convey important lessons to younger people, like respecting older people, for example. The plots are simple and easy to understand. The importance of friendship and the appreciation of fraternal and family values ​​are also common in this type of anime. Some examples are: Hamtaro, Pokémon, Beyblade, Doraemon, and Heidi.

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