Reading comprehension

Read the text and answer the questions

A recent opinion poll discovered that many people were very concerned about the amount of sex and violence depicted in movies, television shows, and popular music. This poll also discovered, however, that most people thought that individuals should take responsibility to correct the problems. The vast majority favored such solutions as tighter parental supervision, warning labels on records, and voluntary self-restraints by entertainment companies. Only 27 per cent favored government censorship. At the same time, there was growing concern about the impact of television on children. Research has shown that by the time our children reach age 18, they have spent more time watching television than in school. The problem was that our television system was attuned to the marketplace. Children are treated as a market to be sold to advertisers at so much money per thousand eyeballs.


1. According to the reading, to prevent the bad effects of television, only a minority.

A) support individual action
B) say parents should supervise their children
C) believe in the necessity of censorship applied by governments
D) think television companies have to control their own broadcasting
E) require the records be put labels

2. It is stated in the passage that.

A) many people think pop music videos are not so violent as movies
B) movies today are a good means to show the young the possible dangers awaiting for them in the real world
C) parents believe there should be more TV shows on television suitable for the young’s sexual education
D) television has covered more place in an eighteen-year-old teenager’s life than school
E) parents believe schools are the places where our children first learn what violence is

3. It is emphasized in the reading that.

A) many children have eyesight problems due to watching television excessively
B) children are a main focus of the advertisers
C) there are not enough advertisements on television
D) our television shows should be designed according to our children’s preferences
E) children should learn what to watch on television at school


  1. C
  2. B
  3. D


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