Reading comprehension

Read the text and answer the questions

A book has just been published to help parents to deal with their children’s naughty behavior at home. The author, Dr James Bruno, says that the first positive discipline technique is for parents to remain calm because nervous parents don’t get good results. Parents who cannot often remain calm find that their children stop taking any notice of them. The second challenge is to know how to correct bad behavior in an effective way. For instance, punishing children by preventing them from watching their favorite TV program is not an ideal solution. Dr Bruno believes parents should establish clear rules for children to follow. If children refuse to follow these, they know they will be disciplined. Finally, the most effective way of encouraging good behavior is to give positive feedback as often as possible, to show that it is not only naughtiness that attracts attention.


1. According to the article, when parents get angry too often.

A) they yell at their children to make them obey an order
B) they tell them off in front of their friends
C) children often act as if they didn’t hear them
D) they utter increasing number of verbal warnings
E) children get scared and obey their parents

2. The author of the book seems to suggest that in order to discipline children, parents first of all should.

A) find an effective way to correct their children’s behavior
B) treat them as harshly as possible
C) stop beating them
D) not lose their temper
E) teach them how they have to behave themselves

3. We learn from the reading that.

A) clear rules which are set by the parent must be followed by the children unconditionally
B) restricting the activities that children like doing is not useful when disciplining a child
C) giving feedback all the time is not advised when correcting bad behavior
D) he book by Dr James Bruno helped the parents a lot who try to discipline their naughty children
E) the best punishment for naughty children hasn’t been suggested in Dr Bruno’s book


  1. C
  2. D
  3. B

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