Reading comprehension

Read the text and answer the questions

Stonehenge is an ancient monument situated about ten miles north of Salisbury in England. It was built about 4500 years ago, but by whom and for what purpose remains a mystery. The builders must have known of geometry. They may have been influenced by the Mycenaeans, whose architecture was similar. Some of the stones must have been brought from West Wales, over 135 miles away. These stones weigh more than fifty tons. They may have been brought on rafts and rollers. Experts say that it must have taken 1500 men more than five years to transport them. Stonehenge was probably built in three stages. First, settlers from continental Europe built a temple for sun worship. Later the «Beaker» people added the stone circles. Finally, people of the Wesse Culture transformed Stonehenge into an observatory. They could calculate the exact time of Midsummer and Midwinter and of equinoxes.


1. We understand from the passage that the construction of the Stonehenge.

A) began 135 miles away from Salisbury
B) is thought to have taken place in more than one stage
C) was first documented by the Mycenaeans
D) is not a mystery that needs to be solved
E) was completed in less than five years

2. It is pointed out in the reading that the Stonehenge.

A) was built by the Mycenaeans, who were very advanced in geometry
B) probably has religious origins, possibly for worship of the sun
C) had no astrological purposes
D) was erected thousands of years ago in West Wales
E) is still used to calculate the changes of the seasons

3. According to the passage, there is no certainty about.

A) where the Stonehenge was built
B) what kind of stones were used in the construction of the Stonehenge
C) how to calculate the exact time of Midsummer and Midwinter and of equinoxes
D) how the stones used in the construction of the Stonehenge were transported
E) whether some of the stones are in position to reflect the movements of the sun and the moon


  1. B
  2. B
  3. D

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