Passion in learning

One of my greatest passions have always been languages, I love the idea of ​​being able to communicate with multiple people, of understanding a little more about their culture through the language they speak, I like the idea of ​​going to a country and being able to myself defend myself, speak and laugh understanding everything that surrounds me. Since I was little I had the opportunity to always study in bilingual schools where they clearly gave me the basis to defend myself, but something that I will always thank in life is that I had teachers during my life who taught me to love not only English but also learning, not only at school but at home, my parents always helped me to see learning as a game, so much so that sometimes my mother to help me study did super fun activities for me to learn in a more dynamic way and not only memory. Thanks to this I have always been very applied in the academic field, I consider myself a self-taught person in my learning, I always seek to go further and that I owe to all the teachers and supports that I have had on my way.

Now it is very clear that with communications and with such a globalized world, languages ​​are not only something that is present, but it is something necessary in learning, in work life and in our lives people if something we want and have as our goal it is to know the world and new people who inhabit it. I say that one of the most important roles in the life of a child or a teenager is the example to follow, many will do what they see in their parents, uncles, brothers or friends. Somehow I always saw myself in an environment where everyone always did more, my parents have always studied constantly, they never stop learning, my brothers are the best example that effort brings great success, even my grandmother learns to cook every day and always put into practice, the smallest examples are those that inspire you to go far.

Returning to languages, I am not going to lie to you that sometimes it is difficult, there come times when not understanding frustrates, stresses and you get to the point where you do not want more, but that will happen with everything in life, but We must always keep in mind that one does not throw in the towel when things get difficult, we must be persistent. It will happen to us from childhood to adults who will reach moments of doubt, but what we must always remember is that we must do things out of love, because we enjoy them, because they fill us with energy when we do them, because when we do something new we feel more full and happy. Always remember that the key to success is love, effort and dedication.

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