Inspiring people: David Ho

Dr. David Ho is a Taiwanese scientist and doctor known as an AIDS researcher who is famous for being among the first to use peptidase inhibitors in the treatment of HIV-infected patients.
Dr. David Ho has been at the forefront of AIDS research for 26 years and has published more than 350 investigations. His elegant studies, which began in 1994, uncovered the dynamic nature of HIV replication in vivo and revolutionized the way we think about this horrendous disease. These insights led Dr. Ho to experiment with a combination of antiretroviral therapy, resulting in unprecedented HIV control in patients. AIDS mortality in wealthy nations has dropped sixfold since 1996, and a titanic international effort is underway to bring this lifesaving treatment to millions of people in developing countries. Dr. Ho has been the prime mover in this medical revolution against perhaps the worst plague in human history.
Ho changed his work technique and instead of treating the disease belatedly, he set out to find a way to fight it in the early stages. It was he who devised the method of treating HIV with «cocktails» of drugs, also known as Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy. He theorized that combining potent peptidase inhibitor drugs with other anti-HIV drugs could more effectively treat the disease, and after some trial and error, his assumption turned out to be correct.
Dr. Ho’s research team is currently working on developing a vaccine to stop the spread of the HIV / AIDS pandemic. In addition, Dr. Ho is at the head of a consortium of Chinese and American organizations to help combat the HIV / AIDS epidemic in China.

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