Movements from the last year: #StopAsianHate

Stop Asian Hate is a movement against racism, hatred and mistreatment towards the Asian community in the United States has been growing in recent days and has spread through the Internet. Over the past year, harmful rhetoric and attacks on this population have increased, in part, due to the origin of the Covid-19 pandemic.

StopAsianHate, which could be translated as «stop the hatred of Asians», is a movement that had been brewing in social networks a few months ago, but it gained strength as a result of the recent attacks in which a man murdered eight people in three spas in the city of Atlanta, United States. Six of the victims were Asian women.

On Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, thousands of users, including political and entertainment figures, used this numeral to show their solidarity with this community in the United States. Even the same platforms took part in this matter.
Facebook issued a statement in which it said condemning «all acts of xenophobia, violence and intolerance.» «We call for an end to hatred against Asians. We see and support the Asian community and all those who have been affected and hurt by recent events. On Facebook we prohibit incitement to hatred and violence, and our teams are working to keep it off our platforms, «added the technology company.

A recent report from the California State University Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism showed that hate crimes against Asian Americans in 16 major US cities increased by 149% between 2019 and 2020.
Another recent report from Stop AAPI Hate, an organization that tracks incidents of discrimination, hatred, and xenophobia against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, showed that between March 2020 and February of this year, 3,795 incidents against Asians were reported, in the United States alone. Joined. But the figure refers only to the reported events.
It was also found that verbal harassment or nicknames are the main type of discrimination and that after work and the street, the Internet is the third place where these problems are observed most, of which Chinese citizens are the main victims. The dates coincide with the days when Covid-19 spread around the world.

We must bear in mind that it has been a year and a half almost two very difficult ones that have brought to light many things that we must change in our society, among which we highlight that we must leave behind discrimination and intolerance.

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