The messages behind Disney

Disney and Pixar animated films have always stood out for having endearing characters who constantly fight against evil. But in these animated stories there are also several lessons that any entrepreneur can learn to lead their business to success. Some lessons they have given us are:

-Peter Pan and his boundless imagination: This film, released in 1953, is based on a book by Scottish writer James Matthew Barrie. The story is about a young man who refuses to grow up and guides the «lost children» in a fantastic place called Neverland. When Peter is introduced to a young girl in the line of maturity named Wendy and her siblings, he convinces them that all you need to do to fly is think about it. With the power of their thoughts, they manage to move to Neverland where they live great adventures. The phrase “if you can think it, you can do it” has become the motto of many well-known entrepreneurs and businessmen.
-Toy Story and teamwork: Pixar’s first feature film was the pioneering animated film in 100% digital production. In this trilogy the most important thing is friendship (both between the toys and with Andy); the characters come together and never give up. In the third installment – winner of the Oscar Award for Best Animated Film – this value becomes even more relevant when all the toys try to escape from the terrible nursery. His escape plan requires the specific skills of the members to be successful. In the end, thanks to the talents of each toy, they run away and reunite with Andy.
-Aladdin teaches us that there is nothing better than being ourselves: This 1992 film arises from one of the most famous stories in «One Thousand and One Nights.» In it, a petty thief finds a wonderful lamp that contains a genie from whom he asks three wishes. The first of them is to become a wealthy prince to conquer Princess Jasmine. Although when Aladdin enters Agrabah with a spectacular parade he is greeted like a celebrity by the townspeople, Jasmine is not interested; She prefers the beggar. This film has a valuable lesson: image influences but what is really important is to always be yourself. Image is not everything. A person who excels in any field is because of his unique personality and rare abilities. Aladdin is a good example that pretending to be who you are not will only make you fail and be rejected.
-Marlin’s perseverance in finding Nemo: This digitally animated film is one of Pixar’s most famous. In it, a little fish named Nemo gets lost and his fearful father, Marlin, crosses the ocean to search for him. After going through great dangers and meeting dear friends and ruthless enemies, Marlin manages to find Nemo who was trapped inside a fish tank in a dental office. The lesson is clear: he who perseveres achieves. The one who earnestly pursues his goals, no matter how many failures or disappointments he has had along the way, is the only one who will find success. So, never give up; if the doors are closed in one place, there will always be others open. If what you want is to own your business, you will be it, no matter how many kilometers you have to travel.

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