Help forums

Some serious emotional support forums that you can find online that offer free access to people in need and are run by professionals are:

-Psicoactiva: This is one of the most popular pages, here you can exchange with people who are going through difficult situations that they can share with you. Mental health professionals participate in the forum, who at some point answer questions, concerns or provide advice. Among the thematic differences that this forum addresses are mental disorders, self-esteem, addictions, sexuality and relationship problems. To participate it is very easy you just have to register with your email, once registered you will be able to access all the rooms and exchange messages with all the users.

-World psychologists:
A large number of people and some health professionals participate in this forum, exchanging valuable information about very specific topics. It is divided by categories and within each one, experiences are shared in a detailed way so that any user who can answer or comment on them.

It is one of the most popular and most visited forums by and for women, although on some occasions some men also participate. Obviously, this forum addresses topics related to female psychology and the most common emotional problems in women.

-Active forum:
Focused on self-improvement, its section on learning resources provides recommendations for books, videos and magazines on this topic. Its users want to give and receive advice on their personal growth, professionals also often participate by making recommendations. Among its different categories you can find advice about: overcoming obstacles, habits, values, meditation, courses, humor and movies. To participate you must accept the terms and conditions of the forum, as well as register with your e-mail. You can do it from here.

-Anxiety clinic:
Created by the clinic for anxiety, as its name implies, it is exclusively for dealing with issues related to anxiety episodes and their symptoms. Of course, in it you can share any questions or experiences about panic attacks, anxiety, specific phobias or generalized anxiety. As in other forums of this type, the occasional participation of professionals and users who have managed to overcome this disorder is common. Unlike other forums, it does not require registration and is open to anyone interested in these topics without identifying themselves.

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