The importance of ortography

Today we do much of our work typing at full speed on our small devices, with the pressure of responding faster and faster to chats and emails. Obviously, that increases the possibility of making mistakes or, worse, that the autocorrect system puts a wrong word, which has happened to all of us. There are websites and online publications full of these errors, as well as world leaders who sometimes do not pause before sending their messages. We can’t always lean on a self-checker to see if we are spelling a word correctly.

Not only do these little mistakes have the power to make us look less smart than we are – poor writing can also create confusion, poor clarity, and inconsistency. In extreme cases it can result in the loss of millions of dollars in sales or a job opportunity. These flaws have the potential to destroy customer relationships or ruin the possibility of finding love online. Spelling is that skill that we will need all our lives since it is part of our communication with others and with the world, from our personal lives to our work.

Other research shows that as soon as people identify spelling errors in the text of a web page, they immediately abandon it because they fear that it is a fraudulent site. This shows how the spelling awakens an emotion or a prejudice immediately, this reflects its importance in this modern world in which we are.

On the one hand, in Facebook and Twitter content, the spelling, grammar and punctuation rules are relaxed. On the other hand, it is not so easy to find a border between what is allowed and what is not in the text of the emails. In the spectra of social networks, phrases or abbreviated words were created that allowed a generation to communicate, impairing knowledge against grammar and spelling rules.

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