Resources to study languages

Currently, we live in a totally globalized world where we all connect with everyone. This is why learning languages ​​is a great tool when it comes to progressing as a student and professional. And while it is advisable to learn a second language from childhood, it is never too late to develop this skill.
Nowadays it is essential to learn another language since in most areas of knowledge and human development other languages ​​are used. Learning different languages ​​for students is a primary need. It is no longer a waste of time as many people usually think, but it is an investment since this learning not only increases the possibility of getting a better job but also enriches social and cultural life, since language is the key to learning. culture.
The development achieved by the new societies as a result of economic and cultural integration requires mastery of different languages. This causes great challenges that a student has to dare to enter a world where we are in permanent communication with other countries with different languages. Learning other languages ​​allows you to enrich your life, experience new ideas, exercise your mind, benefit from world cultural diversity, obtain scholarships for postgraduate studies, work in a transnational company, as well as an ability to express yourself to others in a way understandable, thus increasing social relations.
That is why today we are going to name some of our favorite resources to study or practice languages:
-For children who want to improve their English, pages like English Attack are wonderful, this is an interactive platform that has multiple practice games but personally the most fun is the movie activities, where you must see a movie or excerpts from it to be able to do the activities, this makes practicing English more fun.
-Bussu: Busuu is the world’s largest social network for language learning. It offers courses in 12 different languages ​​through its website and mobile application to more than 100 million users around the world.

-Duolingo: The free language learning app DuoLingo offers 13 language courses for English speakers. It also includes courses for speakers of languages ​​other than English. These include French and Portuguese speakers, English for Czech speakers.

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