Creativity in children

We take the opportunity to give children joint responsibility by promoting their participation in the organization of family schedules and routines. It is important to keep them as much as possible, although you have to be flexible and have a great deal of patience and empathy. A useful and participatory strategy can be to create a calendar with drawings and time slots to establish what time we will dedicate to housework, schoolwork, playing games, working (in the case of adults who can telework), sleeping , to screens, etc. In this article you will find more general tips for getting organized.
In addition, we believe that it is essential to stimulate free play for as long as possible, since it is from this that children grow and develop more naturally and healthily. A good way to stimulate free play is to have the play spaces prepared, perhaps for different activity corners and to put on relaxing background music to help the fluidity of the game and the concentration of the children.
The moments to create can be very enriching for children to develop their creativity, fine motor skills, patience and tranquility. Crafts have many benefits. Depending on the age of the children, some techniques or others will be more appropriate. It is important to bear in mind that they should be little directed craft times, appealing to children’s creative freedom and expression and letting them experiment with the materials without fear. And, as mothers and fathers, try not to restrict ourselves too much for fear of being dirty

We can use materials or techniques such as: mandalas, finger paints, tempera, watercolors, chalks, pastel colors, plasticine, moldable wax, clay, origami, decopach, glitter, stickers and washi tape, bracelets with embroidery threads, wool, recycled materials , puppets with socks, painting stones, making toys with wood, if you saw the Netflix documentary «Back to earth» you will find in the Costa Rica chapter how at school your children make their own toys, food and have a lifestyle » Pura vida ”that greatly stimulates your creativity.

A great activity for our children to do is to make a photo album, we can entrust older children these days to prepare those photo albums that we have been wanting to do for a long time and never find the time, to select the images, the print, paste them in a notebook, make comments or otherwise in digital format. This is how they also train their digital skills. With the little ones we can prepare homemade memory board games with photos of family or close friends.

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