Wayuu: dancing and singing

Colombia is my land, I am Guajira, proud of my ethnic group and my population. I sing joyfully in the morning, I dance to the rhythm of the burning sun, and we all sing together “ta latüsü taa´ín, ta latüsü taa´ín, Aa shi müin, ta latüsü taa´ín. Talatüsu ma´i ta´in, suka nü maain ma´i taya ”.
Respect for my language since it is original, transgenerational teaching, not even the settlers from other lands who came to loot what we had, stole our treasures, but they could never take away what by right belonged to us, our race, our language and our cultural legacy.
The children of our culture learn every day to value, we have a babbler because we do not like to fight and they are considered cultural heritage in Colombia, because of their ancestral wisdom, the thieves never understood that the treasure of our land was not material but he lived in the heart of our community.
I am indigenous and the whole planet I want to show you that I am Wayuu, always in my ranchería hammocks hanging full of chirrinchi in case strangers come, in gods I believe Maleiwa my creator God, Pulowi my Goddess of life, and to celebrate with guajiras blankets we dance The beautiful women of my ranchería, the men are not left behind, because they still wear waireñas, a hat and a shirt. My house is a very large maloca because it is communal, happy I am in the land of the sun, because my ancestors, grandparents and parents are indomitable, always understanding that the Guajira land lives in the heart, and from there always remains a seed of love.

Ilustración: Didier Pulgarín

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