Auuuuuuu! Auuuuuuuu! howled like a wolf Esteban, a 7-year-old boy, who enjoyed his vacation at his grandmother’s house, for him it was fun to be there not only for his family who filled him with pampering and caresses, but also for the neighborhood children, They were the same age, every morning Esteban would go out to the window and call them like a wolf Auuuuuuu! Auuuuuuu! and they responded in the same way, they were four little children: Pablo, Daniel, Juan Carlos and Esteban, they called their group the herd so different in their personalities but so similar in their tastes towards the game and the most important thing was friendship united them, respect and the desire to share, time that they made the most of because they knew that when the holidays ended they could only see each other the following year with Esteban.

The children’s favorite game were marbles, their pockets were always stuffed with beautiful spheres of all colors, the most valued by them were those of a single color red, yellow, green, and blue, and the queen of marbles were The bolonchos, played with other children different from their pack and bet more marbles, they were the champions of the block, the marbles managed to keep them away from the screens and video games because for them it was more important to share and have experiences which they accumulated each year. Esteban enjoyed dressing up even if it wasn’t Halloween Day within the group he was the most fanciful, creative and imaginative child, Pablo was characterized by being the physically strongest of the group because his thick build made him become the protector of his friends, Juan Carlos was the one child of the group who was characterized by his intelligence and long silences, and Daniel the most sympathetic and humorous of the group, always made everyone laugh, they felt complete.

For Esteban, the month of December was one of his favorites because he knew that he would live many fun adventures in his grandmother’s house, there every day they had a different setting and games from setting up tents and camping inside the house, dressing up as a safari, sleep in the tent with their friends, set up a mini-kite where they danced and sang their favorite music at the top of their lungs, they turned on and off the lighting in the living room and dining room to improvise lights, or sometimes Esteban’s uncles wrapped the light bulbs with Tissue paper of different colors, they also had a large car track in the living room and dining room, they made it with pebbles from the street, that route became interesting and entertaining for them because the most valuable thing is that they had each other as friends, they played blind chicken, hiding included the whole house from the bedrooms to the bathroom but they were not allowed to enter the kitchen since their grandmother told them that it was a risk for them, the door of the house They chose it as the safe area where they could “squat” and used to say “1,2,3 for me” in this way they were safe, they played to make soapy bubbles, pumps full of water which were thrown in the street getting soaked of water, the whole house was full of armotodo toys, puzzles, cars, plasticine, crayons, temperas, the walls had sheets of cardboard glued, turning the house into an art gallery, a bicycle garage, in the punching area or the meeting point for walks with your friends in the pool, cinema, river or ecological walks.

Thus the years passed and slowly each one of them grew up and their parents left the first to leave the block, it was Pablo who went with his mother to live in another country, then Daniel’s family moved to another neighborhood and only Juan Carlos and Esteban remained, they had fun and kept company on Esteban’s vacation but they missed the whole herd, the pleasant company of his two friends, when Esteban turned 12 his family went to live abroad and Juan Carlos his family with Over the years he left the neighborhood, remaining in Esteban’s memory the most fantastic and wonderful friends of his childhood. Whenever he sees some marbles, he remembers the herd with pleasure and love for his friends.

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