Water fountain, it sounds delicious when it falls, inviting the children in the park to run,
Families enjoy, laugh, run and even have fun just watching,
The owner who throws the frisby at his dog and runs off to get it,
People fall asleep in the shade of a tree, and that alone gives them pleasure.

The sugar cane train, which warns the children that it will soon leave,
Parents line up and very carefully help children to climb,
The bride and groom are seen reading a book and enjoy sharing,
how nice it is to see people enjoy themselves, really with pleasure to live.

A picnic day, looking for a place, whole families to enjoy,
taking out tablecloths, each with its individual, and thus a space to organize,
The roast chicken, corn on the cob with honey, fried arepita to taste,
They prepare two bags in one and recycle in the other they dump, leaving the place very clean.

The afternoon ends with whole families happy to see each other, collecting everything to return.
Before leaving, they pull up to the car and ask that they can sell them,
Cholao! they ask and the seller begins the ice to grind
Children ask for it because it is a delight that you cannot contain yourself.

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