Clinging to your skin

That morning it was raining rapidly, and everything was different in the environment, I felt absent.
Juanita and Sarita ran and I did nothing, because I already sensed that my girls knew it,
that her mother would leave that day, the only thing I repeated to them, do not regret that her mother is going to rest, however they were still small and they did not understand everything.

Sarita would leave the room to look for a band-aid for her mother, because she repeated to her little sister we must heal, she approached her ear and softly said to her mommy, beautiful mother, tell me where is it that hurts you since soon you will heal, her Mom did not respond because she was already inert and she was slowly leaving them.

I cried helplessly, with pain to say goodbye to the mother of my daughters and the woman I chose because she was so bright, elegant and affectionate, the first thing I saw, as a mother an example, as a daughter a pride, as a wife the best, short The trip we had traveling with love, I waited for the sunset and a life, however, the ticket of life did not reach her.

Next to her the smallest girl lay down and she with her ticklish little hand made her, her mother used to always wake Juanita, and for that she turned her fingers into little spider paws.
Her mother did not wake up and Juanita remembered that she also liked to wake her up with her panda, so she runs urgently to find the toy that her mother liked the most about her.

I sat by her side and I took her hand gently, she said my life with love I let you go, to the girls she expressed that her mother would soon be in heaven, but they threw themselves towards their mother’s body and Sarita invited her little sister , to hug her mommy tight because they wouldn’t let her out.

Mom and little daughter running to each other with open arms. Mother, girl, kid flat vector illustration. Parenthood, childhood, parenting concept for banner, website design or landing web page

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