Through my windows

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Strange!, – in a soft voice they murmur – It’s strange! – The children at their school and sometimes the neighbors at their house say maliciously. They still do not understand that we are all different and that expressions of rejection hurt hard and sadly hurt their mind and soul.

In the mornings it is common to feel the dew on its sidewalk, typical of the green and mountainous coffee region which is dressed in Arabian trees, inhabited not only by the most wonderful and exotic birds which display their multicolored wings and tails, but also offer songs beautiful with soft, sonorous and different sounds; – ah! but there are also various animals that fully enjoy the countryside, find and have what they need to live in this vast paradise.

You can still see the chiaroscuro of the moon, but she knows what the farewell of the night sounds like and the welcome still new day, the sound of crickets and cicadas announce their morning meeting, you can only hear the creaking of the hinges of a used one door that leads to a corridor of boards of her old wattle and daub house, she jumps and runs swiftly through the grass and cold earth, she does not mind going out barefoot and still wearing her pajamas, because she knows about her morning date, and so on. time the sunset is very important to her who greets and welcomes raising her hands in a tender and playful way, she always laughs out loud, dances, jumps, but never utters a word, in the end she remains enraptured as if she wanted to perpetuate that moment, he closes his eyes raising his mestizo but unique face. After 8:00, she rushes home again, as she has her circadian rhythm connected.

Her mother warmly welcomes her and says nothing because she knows the encounters she has, and always welcomes her at her table with an egg, an arepa and her aguadepanela, bathing and dressing very calmly to go to her school, very slowly she leaves , while everyone is ahead of her, but when they pass by her they laugh, speak, point at her, but it does not afflict her. Everyone thinks that she is silly, crazy, mute and frightening, but they do not really know that she is intelligent, wise, tender and loving, responsible with the earth and respectful of people, she is never alone in her way because the beautiful ones always accompany her Butterflies, the magical dragonflies, meet crickets, ladybugs, snakes, spiders, worms on her way, but she knows very well that she greets and thanks them for their presence in her life.

Adjusted and ordered is her existence, connected with nature, a gift given to her, known from the soul, she knows that observing, admiring, and respecting is an act of love, perceived by her eyes, that she calls through my eyes. windows.

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