Letting our children select their clothes

Within the limits of logic children should be able to choose and decide on their own image. Letting them decide what clothes to wear helps them express their individuality and also take responsibility for their body and its care.

As is normal, we adults must supervise their choices and explain the social norms or climatic imperatives that make clothing suitable or not, but, within these limits and perhaps, offering several possibilities to their liking, there is no problem that they are they who decide the clothes, shoes or accessories will use that day.

This simple gesture will make them feel more secure and happy and they will not feel the need to rebel as intensely in adolescence, as they will have already grown up with the peace of mind that they can decide on their own image. This also makes them more responsible for their clothes and that they want to take care of them if they like, helping them to assume logical rules such as putting things away or taking clothes that need to be washed to the bucket.

Without a doubt, that we allow children to choose their clothes and decide on their appearance offers advantages for their development: they feel more respected and valued, gaining confidence in themselves and increasing the confidence they feel towards us.
In addition, their personality is strengthened, they become more autonomous in the correct sense and it helps them to be decisive without fear of being denied those small decisions so important to get to know how to decide responsibly in what is important.

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