Being a role model

Being a parent is not an easy job and raising a child to be respectful, patient, responsible and hardworking is the dream of any parent. But children are not easy to raise and many times, they learn behaviors (good and bad) by observing their parents. Parents need to be aware that they are ultimately responsible for the development of their children.

There are some simple ways that you can do day after day so that your children see in you a good example. They are small actions that will make your children pay attention to your way of acting in everyday life. Remember that actions are more powerful than words when it comes to shaping your children. Also, if the words do not match the actions then there will be a discrepancy that can be too negative to be a good example for children.

Some ways in which we can set a good example for our children are:
Caring for a living being: All children love to have pets but not all are capable of taking care of them correctly and the parents end up being in charge of them. But having a pet (or a small plant if you don’t want to take on too much responsibility) is fine for your child to see how you care for that living thing on a daily basis. Show your child how caring for living things is necessary and also rewarding. It is very important to give and show affection.

Have good friends: It is not necessary to have many friends, but the friends you have must be real. It is useless to have many friends if they really do not contribute anything to your life. Your child will realize if you really have friends in your life or if in the most important moments, you are alone. There are times when it is better to have few friends and that they are real than to have too many and that they are useless because they are not friends, but acquaintances.

Have a healthy lifestyle: The lifestyle that your child has in the future will have a lot to do with the lifestyle that he has known in your home as he grows up. It is important that you have proper eating habits at home and that you also bear in mind that exercise is an important part of daily life for all members of the family.

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