Respect towards others

Respect is a fundamental value that makes us have consideration, appreciation and recognition towards someone or even something, taking into account their interests, limitations, fears, condition and feelings.
Knowing how to respect others is essential, as it represents valuing and tolerating differences and understanding that they make us grow. We understand by respect the act by which a person has consideration for another and acts taking into account their interests, abilities, preferences, fears or feelings. Respect is one of the most important and primary actions that human beings can have among themselves because it always means valuing what makes the other different from one another and tolerating those differences in order to live better in community. Respect can be applied to different groups in society and vary in terms of their characteristics depending on it: respect for children and childhood supposes their protection, respect for freedom of expression supposes their defense, respect for the elderly assumes your constant attention

Consideration for others begins with ourselves. The value of self-respect can be something that we often take for granted, although we don’t always put it into practice. Cultivating a sense of self-respect begins with recognizing yourself as a unique being and is necessary to develop our potential and build healthy relationships. Someone who has self respect and treats himself with love will be more tolerant of others.
Accepting ourselves as we are means recognizing our strengths, but also our weaknesses, understanding that they are part of us and help us grow. We must see the mistakes we make with love and in a responsible way, avoiding self-criticism, if it is very harsh, it can be distorted to the point of becoming self-destructive behaviors.
It is not possible to talk about respect without talking about others. To have a healthy coexistence it is necessary to establish limits of what we can and cannot do and where those of others begin. Respect is a form of recognition and appreciation for the qualities of others, first of all, for their value as people and second, for their knowledge and experience. Exercising this value allows society to live in peace, in a healthy coexistence based on norms and institutions.
Likewise, we can refer to one of the rights that all human beings have: to be valued, loved, cared for, assisted in difficult situations and protected. Respect means that we must all tolerate our differences, our possible limitations or complications, what makes us unique and irreplaceable. The importance of respect for the other will then have to do with the possibility of building a better society in which violence, aggression, discrimination or abuse do not exist.
Last, but not least, there is consideration for nature and recognition of its needs. It is not only about admiring her, but about taking actions to improve her and not do her more harm. We recognize that our actions have a short and long-term impact on everything that surrounds us

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