The importance of learning

Something that we must teach our children is the value of learning, that is why it is vital to teach them to love school, to enjoy the learning path, not to forget that learning something new is fun and magical, having knowledge of multiple cultures, languages, important people or moments that we have spent in history. Learning allows us to develop, evolve, fill ourselves with valuable information that is somehow kept in our head as knowledge. I comment personally, both my father and my mother when I was little taught me to live around learning, this gave me the opportunity to express myself like no other, many people refer to me as an information jukebox, because when learning and by constantly preparing and exercising my brain, my memory developed in an incredible way. We must remember that the brain is another muscle that needs to be constantly exercised and remember that there are multiple ways to do this to make it constantly fun.

Not only can we depend on learning from school, we must teach our children to be self-taught and to develop constantly, not only do we refer to mathematics and history, the key is to discover our children’s passion and start there, If your passion is paleontology, begin to see the history and geography of the age of dinosaurs, begin to classify and categorize different species, and begin to see their physiognomy and anatomy. Begin to see the basics from the passion of children. Develop their skills to the maximum, if your passion is dance, remember that dance helps and facilitates the development of mathematical language in our children and develops their memory and motor skills. Not leaving our children alone is key, giving them all the support we can is vital, being there and showing them the importance of learning through company and support.

We always have something to improve, concerns to solve, skills to acquire and improve and goals to achieve, and for this we need to have the will, the will to move and achieve all our goals. We must make learning a safe place for them to solve their doubts about the world, where they can enter into a conversation with parents, adults or companions so that they can give clarity to their doubts in front of the world, this is the most important thing, that they see that they are accompanied and are being supported, that if they cannot learn something easy, do not get frustrated and that they keep trying or that they find other ways to solve a problem, this will also teach them problem solving and that they do not get frustrated when they see an obstacle.

Life is nothing more than a continuous learning process and your becoming in it, your joys and your sufferings are closely linked with your ability to learn. Nelson Mandela said that the day you stop learning and sharing, you become irrelevant. For this we cannot allow ourselves to become irrelevant, we do not believe that if we already know something it is enough, just like us, learning is constantly evolving, a new study comes out every day so let’s challenge ourselves to keep updated and teach this to our children.

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