¿Are you happy?

Something that we have been asked at least once in our life is: Are you happy? What do you think you came to this life for? What is the meaning of your life? I tell you that these questions do not always have a clear solution, the time will come when they ask us this and we will not have a direct question, we will not know what to answer. This is completely normal, it is normal to have no idea, it is normal to say no or I don’t know. We do not always have to be happy, we do not have to know what we came to this life for and we do not have to know what the meaning of our life is. By this I do not mean that we should be lost, that we should not know what we want and that we should not be happy, but we will not always be and the time will come when we discover the answer to half of these questions. After all, happiness is that emotion that fills us and comforts us more than ever, but sometimes you have to walk a little more to find constant happiness.

We will not always be happy, after all happiness is a constant flow, it is a movement, it is a state of mind that, like any other, can fluctuate, but there is no better emotion than this. Happiness is so powerful that only a small memory can fill us with it, from our family, friends, pets or happy places they can take us to that happy place. In my case there are times when I have a neutral state of mind, I am so focused on my surroundings that I do not realize that I am completely neutral, I do not feel one or the other, but I know that when I am listening to music, there are songs that They remind me of stages and moments in my life, in the middle of a song I recognize something that brings me a memory and automatically my face generates a smile, it is something involuntary, it is something magical, because that is happiness, when we need it most or when we least expect it there it always comes to brighten our day!
Our happiness not only affects us, there are millions of benefits that happiness brings, that we do not think constantly but there are: You have better relationships with yourself and others. Among these benefits we have: This increases self-confidence, emotions associated with happiness predict better health and longevity, people are more assertive and tend to forgive more, better use of individual strengths at work and increased enjoyment of activities, greater capacity in conflict resolution, people who do good deeds experience high levels of happiness and motivate others to follow their example, happy people express more gratitude, and gratitude leads to more optimism and well-being and ultimately people with their happiness have a constant focus on the present. Bearing this in mind, happiness leads us to express ourselves in a lesser way, it takes us to unimaginable places.
Practicing gratitude generates beneficial emotions for well-being. One study showed that the practice of gratitude can increase positivity towards the future and increase happiness by 25%. That is why we must be in constant vibration with our environment and with everything we have, we must live in the now surrounded by people who make us better and who fill us with good energy.

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