¿What would you do in your ideal day?

Let’s think for a moment what we would have done when we were little if we were given the power to decide what to do in an entire day. What would our reaction be? What would be the first thing we would ask for? As adults and parents we know that a good education implies helping children to be autonomous, to have their own criteria, to think for themselves and to make decisions, because if from a young age they learn to make their own decisions and are capable of accepting their consequences, they will become independent adults capable of making wise decisions. But usually when we were little we didn’t have great power, if much we could decide what flavor of ice cream we wanted when we went out with our parents. Usually we do not get to think about things or situations that do not seem realistic to us, the probability that we will allow our children to do and undo for a day is almost nil. But it is curious to think what our children would do in this situation, it is even important to return to our mentality as children and to think that we would have asked.

Our mentality changes drastically, at this moment we would ask for something completely different from what we would have asked since we were little, but today I start to think how many of the things I would have asked would be just for me? Could it be that I had chosen to give something to someone else or someone who needs it more than me? This is the point where I realized that I probably wouldn’t have stopped to think that I have the power to give something to someone who needs it more than I do. Sure, millions of gifts and activities would have occurred to me, but for me. And don’t get me wrong, I was not a spoiled or particularly selfish girl, I just grew up in an environment where all the attention was directed to me, so what I learned was to give myself and only me. Now I am a more empathetic person, because I recognize my surroundings and I know that I am not the only person who wants something on this planet.

It is for all this that today more than talking about something, we want to reflect and create an opportunity to share with our children an activity that will enrich us not only as parents but as people. It will help us identify who our children are and how they develop in their little world, see if they had the power to do or have anything in a day, what would they do? Let’s call it the activity of our ideal day. Where on a piece of paper we are going to write 24 hours a day, for each hour of the day they can choose to write what they would like to do or what they would like to receive. Let’s analyze with our children what they asked for, see if they asked for something just for themselves or if they have someone else’s needs in mind.

As adults we forget that every action we do will be a reflection or an example to follow in our children, we fill ourselves with reasons every day to think that we need, that we need it, that it would make our lives easier. We forget to constantly thank, teach our children that the value of life is not in the things we have, but in how we use everything we have at our disposal to not only make our lives more enjoyable, but also to be part of a community and how we can help our environment.

Beautiful baby sits at the table and is eating a nut

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