Two magic words

We have always been taught that good manners include asking “How are you?” Sometimes we forget the power that these words have, asking how did you do today? How was your day ?; we are full of thoughts, things to do and worries that we do not remember the little details that can help a person. Whether from our children, friends, family or just an acquaintance; These words can be the source of someone remembering a good day, the source to vent and release something that has bothered them all day, they are a source of catharsis, so I am going to comment on the importance of asking how was it today ?

In the case of our children, we must bear in mind that they all express themselves differently, not everyone will come to tell home if something bad happened to them, if someone hurt them, if they told them something that hurt them. In general, children comment on the good things of the day and can bottle up their emotions, letting them accumulate, children and young people tend to respond to a bad situation differently from adults, children and young people are easier to manipulate and hurt since they have not developed their emotional capacity to the maximum and sometimes they cannot distinguish when someone attacks them without bases or foundations, children and young people remember everything that is said to them, it defines many and that is why in a world where bullying It is part of the day to day, as parents we must be aware of our children’s day, show them how they can tell us what they need, how they can trust us and in this case we can support them if they are going through a bad time, this can strengthen the trust and the relationship we have with our children.

In the case of our friends or family, we must bear in mind that adults process their day and their emotions in different ways, how it was and how you are today can help an adult when they want to vent, when they need someone to listen to them Sometimes listening can help someone more than therapy. Being listened to gives us support, helps us to do catharsis, helps us evaluate what has happened in our day to see how we can improve or change our attitude for the next day.

Remember that the magic words are not only please, but how are you? This shows empathy, shows that we care, that we want to listen, that we want to support, that we are willing to help others, this is the power of two little girls words.

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