The importance of being attentive in our children school

When we are young, the example of our parents and their approval is everything to us, we want to make our parents happy while having fun and doing our school tasks, as children our only responsibility is to go to school, learn and do our best. of us to get good grades and pass course after course until we graduate. But, just as school is a great responsibility of children, parents also have a part of responsibility in teaching us and guiding us in our learning.

Sometimes there will be moments where our children do not understand no matter how much they study or practice, this is where the support as parents must begin, first understanding the situation of our children, at no time should we judge them for not understanding since the learning of each child It is different, not everyone reasons and handles a subject in the same way. This is why some children are more developed in some subjects than others and it is time to start possible tutorials to stimulate the development of our children in certain subjects. We should make learning fun, something that inspires us and helps us relax, not make it an imposition and stress on our children. I am going to tell you an example, when I was little, my parents separated subjects according to their abilities and explained to me by different but joyful methods. In my mother’s case, her main themes were language, history and geography; She found unconventional methods to help me memorize and learn, from drawing the answers, making mind maps full of pictures that were like a game for me, learning at home became more than study, it became a game and in quality time with my parents.

Something that as parents we must keep in mind is that children sometimes need a little inspiration, someone who is aware of them, evaluating that they are doing their homework and that they are understanding, in this case as parents we have the responsibility to ask our children If they have already done their tasks and verify that they do them in the best way, that they have fun doing them, we should not do it with the principle of scolding them or discovering that they have not yet done their tasks, but we should be interested in how they did them, if they drew We must say something very nice, if they created a very inspiring poem, we must say it. We must remind them that school is a means not only for them to learn, but also for them to express themselves and discover who they are and what they want to become in the future.

Finally, we must not forget the emotional aspect of the school, we must be aware of the events and the day-to-day life of our children, whether they have a school dance, a graduation, a closing; We must be aware, attend and show them how important these events are for us as parents, in case we cannot attend, comment to our children, seat them so that they understand a situation and that they do not feel alone when one cannot attend. Remember the value of talking to our children.

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