Christmas traditions in Colombia

To new readers and old readers today we want to tell you some of the traditions that we have in our country, you can share your traditions in the comment box so that we can share what we do on these special dates and that as a community we share and let’s learn from everyone together.

  1. We have a night of candles: Actually it is two days in which we light candles or lanterns in the streets and many people walk through the city to see the lights of all the streets. We do this on December 7 and 8.

2.Eat custard and fritters: One of the richest and most fun traditions is to make custard as a family and the best accompaniment for a sweet dessert is a fritter, we really like the contrast between sweet and salty.

  1. Walk and see the city lights: A very good activity to do in the city as a family is to see the decorations of the city, go for a walk at night and let ourselves be filled with happiness when seeing the lights in the dark.
  2. One of the days with the most traditions is the New Year, we have what we know as ues that are superstitions that will help us for next year, among them we have: eat 12 grapes wishing for something for each month of next year, put lentils in your pockets to hope for economic prosperity, to wear yellow pants, to walk around the block with a suitcase so that you come many trips in the year to come.

This year has not been the most common, we have faced complications and obstacles for which we were not prepared, that is why Christmas is that little light at the end of the tunnel that brings us happiness as a family.

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