Christmas is here!

Some say that Christmas is not a date, but a state of mind. Without a doubt, Christmas is what we make of it throughout the year… But it is also the ideal time to dream, to be happy and to be surrounded by the people who are important to us. Christmas is to feel and to live it; to breathe your Christmas spirit into the air we all share.

Christmas. Few words manage to convey so many feelings and emotions at the same time; few celebrations symbolize so much peace and joy; few parties make us so receptive and dreamy. But she, Christmas, is different. She makes December a magical month; a month where problems and old resentments seem ready to be put away in the drawer of oblivion; a month where peace and happiness peek through the window, where unfulfilled goals go through the back door, and where new resolutions come through the chimney with the intention of becoming objectives achieved in less than a year. And we cannot pass up the opportunity to savor that magic.

During these days, in the streets and in the homes an atmosphere of peace, love and optimism is installed. Many people forget problems, laugh out loud without really knowing why, and allow themselves to be invaded by that feeling of magic that makes us feel that dreams are there to be fulfilled. But often, for many, that euphoria is gone with Christmas, and the rest of the year they just revert to old ways. What if we made the whole year Christmas and continued in that Christmas spirit instead of abandoning it in January?

British artist Harlan Miller said, «I wish we could put the Christmas spirit into jugs and open a jug every month of the year.» You are quite right. Most people at Christmas live happier, they are filled with joy and purpose, they set new goals with enthusiasm, they manage to relax and meditate with more effective results, they are more pleasant with others, and they become more supportive and flexible. But, when Christmas is gone, then they return to the old customs, to the old habits, to the stress and the routine of the day to day, to leave things for later …

And if Christmas is to be happy, then we must give importance to the purposes. In December we let ourselves be seduced by that peaceful atmosphere, so we all bet on setting new goals. We want to achieve ourselves, we tell ourselves that of course we will do everything possible and we are willing to do so. But statistics show that half of the December resolutions are abandoned in February or, at most, in March. Don’t let that happen. We must always have goals to grow personally and professionally, to constantly mature, to learn every day, so that when we look back in the future we draw a smile. And Christmas is the ideal time to start with it.

This is the time of goals, dreams, «I’m going to achieve this» and promises to yourself. Christmas is the time when wishes are born … And we have a year to put them on the list of «objectives accomplished». Christmas is to feel; the rest of the year, to act. December is for creating dreams; the other months, to achieve them. Make next Christmas full of new goals but let it be because you have already met them.

Happy little kids in matching red and green striped pajamas decorate Christmas tree in beautiful living room with traditional fire place. Children opening presents on Xmas eve.
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