Study what you want the most

Since always when you had to study to have a better future, people used to choose professions that «make money» even if it was not always the job you wanted to do. In other words, they looked more at what would happen in the future at an economic level than their own personal satisfaction when working. This is undoubtedly a double-edged sword because although they can earn more money, they will not be happy doing work that does not fill their hearts, even if it does fill their pockets. When this happens, despite having money, existential crises and even anxiety or depression arrive. It is very important to dedicate yourself to what you like to do, even if it does not always mean the financial stability you dream of. If the two are achieved together, then it would be a great success… But it is not always like that.

Money does not bring happiness and that, although it is hard to believe it is a great truth. Money takes away worries and that is a good part of happiness, but it is not everything. It is important to teach children from the time they are young that they need to follow their dreams until they reach them, because if they do things with perseverance and perseverance, they will always end up giving them good results. There are children who from a very young age know what they want to do when they are older, but others reach adolescence without knowing very well what they want to dedicate to or what is the most successful path for their future. Certainly, when they are teenagers, thinking about this path can be very stressful, especially because they still do not know very well how the “adult” world works.

The recommendation that as parents we have the obligation to give our children, is that they study what they really like and not what society dictates that they should like just so that they can earn more money. The world is changing and perhaps what gives money today will not give it tomorrow. On the other hand, when you choose a profession because it really is what you like and what your heart says you should do, then there will be no mistake. The road may be harder to travel, but the reward will always be greater. It will not matter if you earn more or less money, what matters is how you spend the money you have and the priorities that are ordered in life.

As a father or mother that you are, it is normal for you to worry about the future and well-being of your children … you want them to never lack for anything and to be autonomous in their lives. That they don’t need you financially and that they are able to manage their accounts successfully. But, as parents, you do not have to worry about what your child wants to do in the future because if he really likes what he does, he will always find a way out. On the other hand, if you don’t like what you do, it will surely be wasted time and effort.

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