Ian’s Shortfilm

This story is known as “Ian, a story that will mobilize us” and is based on the life of a disabled child who wants to break down the barriers of loneliness and isolation caused by being disabled. This short has three awards and may be nominated for the Oscars. As soon as you see this short film, it wins the heart of anyone …

The message is one of struggle against the ignorance that some people have about disability, and because of this, it is more than likely that there is bullying and isolation. It is necessary to know and remember that children with disabilities are the most vulnerable group to violence and bullying.

This story is the real life of an Argentine boy who has cerebral palsy that affects both his mobility and his language. Since 2012, his mother created the Ian Foundation to be able to inform about his disability and thus try to build an inclusive society. What is intended with this short film is to break down barriers and promote social inclusion.

A better world for children with disabilities can be achieved if all people do their part… if disability is better understood and understood. The main barriers, in addition to the architectural ones, are the mental ones. In Spain there are 140,000 children diagnosed with disabilities and there are more than one billion people around the world who live with some kind of disability, whether physical or mental, and of these one billion, no less than 150 million are children.

The disability can be physical, mental, intellectual or sensory and can affect the quality of life of those affected. The aim of organizations and foundations is to inform society and promote the well-being of children with disabilities. The lack of information and ignorance are the true culprits of this stigmatization experienced by people with disabilities and therefore, information and education are the basis for a society that respects, has empathy and is educated from love. .

Next, we are going to show you the video so that you can understand everything we have talked about above.

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