Story of the cicada and the ant

It was a very hot summer, probably one of the hottest in decades. Perhaps that is why the cicada decided to dedicate the hours of the day to singing happily under a tree. She didn’t feel like working, she just wanted to enjoy the sun and sing, sing and sing. So that was how her days passed, one after another.

One of those days an ant passed by carrying a very large grain of wheat, so big that it could barely hold it on its back. Seeing her, the cicada made fun of her and said:

  • Where are you going with so much weight? With a good day and so hot! It is much better here, in the shade, singing and playing. Don’t you want to have fun? Laughed the cicada.

The ant stopped and looked at the cicada, but preferred to ignore his comments and continue on his way in silence and fatigued with effort. Thus, she spent the whole summer, working and storing provisions for the winter. And every time he saw the cicada, it laughed and sang a mocking song to him:

  • Ants make me laugh when they go to work! Ants make me laugh because they can’t play!

Thus the summer passed and the temperatures began to drop. At that moment, the ant stopped working and went into its anthill, where it was warm and had enough food to spend the whole winter. So she started playing and singing.

However, winter found the cicada under the same tree, homeless and without food. She had nothing to eat and was freezing cold. It was then that she remembered the ant and went to knock on her door.

  • Ant friend, I know you have plenty of supplies. Can you give me something to eat and will I return it to you when I can?

The ant opened the door for him and replied angrily:

  • Do you think I’m going to give you the food that cost me so much to gather? What have you been doing lazy all summer?
  • You already know, the cicada replied sadly. To everyone who passed, I sang.
  • Well, now, like you, I can sing: What a laugh the ants make me when they go to work! Ants make me laugh because they can’t play!

And having said that, he closed the door on the cicada. From then on, the cicada learned not to laugh at the work of others and to strive to get what he needed.

Moral: To enjoy yourself, you first have to work.

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