Reading instead of watching tv at night

Television is part of our culture and in many homes it is always background noise. Although in some homes the time is chosen to watch television, and in others they even establish schedules so that children can enjoy it but without spending screen time either. When night falls, children’s television viewing time should be reduced and their fixation on the screen replaced by a book in their hands. No matter how old they are, it is always a good option for children to lie down reading and not watching television.

It does not matter if your child cannot read yet, that you read him a story or that you look at the images in children’s stories to comment on what is seen in them, it is also necessary for them. When they are older, reading before bed is a good idea because it will help them to rest better, develop their mind and critical thinking and expand their vocabulary, among many other benefits such as concentration or relaxation! When a child listens to his parents while they read a story to him or when older children read before bed, his mind relaxes and he can have sweet dreams at night. That is why it is so important to turn off the television and pick up a book. In addition, this small daily gesture will help children to become great readers in the future.

Knowledge does not take place and reading will always provide them with values ​​and knowledge that they did not have before and that will help them grow as people. They will be freer by having more knowledge about the world and by having more vocabulary thanks to those stories that allow their imagination to begin to grow. Children become great readers when, from a young age, they hold books on their parents’ laps.

In this sense, parents should always be their best example … If your children see you read, they will read too. If they see how you get excited about books, how you learn from them… Your little ones will grow up between pages and they will love discovering the world of words and wisdom on paper.

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