Breaking the mold

Sleeping Beauty, Bella, Little Mermaid, Jasmine, Esmeralda, Tiana, Ana and Elsa … «The Disney Princesses» is probably one of the most powerful brands, although not such, within the children’s entertainment industry. Their secret, surely, is that they have been in our homes longer than ourselves, so that they are an ingrained part of our culture. Who doesn’t have fond memories with these, and others, movies (and stories) from the Mickey Mouse factory?

Proof of the fame of their princesses is that at costume parties and carnivals they always abound and that in many houses, children inherit the collection of classic Disney stories from their parents or uncles. It seems that there are no more fairy tale princesses than these, but it is not true, fortunately. And we do not say it because we are against Disney, but plurality and variety is always good news, and at least in children’s literature this is a reality.

It is good because girls and boys enrich their vision from stories told from different points of view. At the end of the day, the Disney scheme is very recognizable in most of its stories, each one adjusted to the historical context of the moment in which they were created, a detail that we adults must not lose sight of when we see them through the current prism . Completing the historical review that Disney has made of the “Princess” concept is something that can be done by incorporating stories into your children’s bookstore that approach it differently. And, really, there are fantastic titles, the vast majority really fun also for adults who help educate on equality.

Opening the doors of their mental universe to diverse references, from personalities other than those who can extract positive things, through reading is a very powerful tool for children to start flirting naturally and almost without realizing it with reflection and the critical gaze, two aspects that will be fundamental throughout his life to be able to form his own vision of things.

Sometimes we do not teach our children the value of diversity and being different because we are used to seeing a little of the same. For this reason, we must teach our children books that break the mold of normal and everyday, such as:
-The princesses also fart.
-The rebel princess.
-There is nothing more boring than being a pink princess.
All of these books teach our children that being part of the common denominator is sometimes not the most fun.

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