First day of school

When we are young, there may be two possibilities, to be encouraged with the idea of ​​going to school because we are independent children and we can imagine the possibility of being separated from our parents for a moment in the day or we just do not like the idea because we want to be with mom and dad every moment of the day because it’s what we’re used to and we don’t want anyone else to take care of us. The first day of school is a great challenge for children, both for those who have gone to daycare and for those who first leave their home.

When he arrives at his class, the other children interest and attract him, but the community also scares him. In the middle of that large and unknown space that is the school, the playground, the dining room, and before all those faces that he has never seen, he is afraid of “diluting himself”, of losing his individuality. In my case one of my biggest fears at school was to take a transport that was not and end up in someone else’s house without contacting my parents, clearly the school is careful and would not have happened but my mind was imagining Everything that could happen to me, I was picked up by a different bus from the one that was sent to me from school, I can tell you that as small as it was I was going to the reception of this lady France to tell me and repeat the number of the route because my despair could. And as it happens to me, it happens to many children.

But, despite all these precautions, there is no first day of class without tears, in my case with the shame of the world I tell you that I bit and hit more than 4 teachers who only tried to calm me down even once I locked myself in the car of my dad with the keys when he wanted to leave me at school and I did not want and that moment is painful for some children and for some mothers. It is time to take an object, toy or stuffed animal out of your bag that reminds you of your home. The child will keep it in his pocket and can touch it throughout the day. This will allow you to feel safe and secure.

Let’s give support to our children at this stage and a new moment that must happen since it is not easy to meet new people, make new friends and especially when one is the new one and everyone already knows each other. Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of our children and remember everything we as children go through. Remember to support it so that going to this place full of learning becomes something fun and not a fear in their lives.


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