Baby brother is on its way!

The most common, especially among the only children, is to want a little brother to play. They imagine him of the same sex, stature and tastes, someone with whom to share his day to day and his games; an equal with whom to establish a very different relationship to the one they have with dad and mom. It is not necessary to be an only child to want a brother, almost all the children of each family want to have a younger brother to play, especially if there is distance with the older brothers. In some cases it is better to be only children for us, but probably as young children at least once we came up.

As the world of desires has no limits, there are also many who want to have an older brother. This request, almost exclusive to the overwhelmed older brothers, states that in part they feel alone in their position and need understanding, support or someone to defend them. It is a desire more appropriate for girls to give boys. In this case it may not be as possible for children since if they are only children and do not have older siblings unless their parents want to adopt the request it will not be so easy. This request usually occurs in children who want a brother not to sleep alone in that room where the corners of the night are lengthened. As soon as they realize the nightly advantages, the brother will unconsciously become the ideal company to face the night shadows and sounds together. And also the daytime. In these cases we must analyze what fears may be overwhelming our children.

We can also see the other side of the coin, when we have another son and his brother is jealous or acts in a rude and pathetic way to get attention. Although the child hears that nothing will change with the arrival of the little brother and that dad and mom will continue to love him the same, his fear of the unknown, that total reorganization of the family causes jealousy. It is a natural reaction to a situation of loss of power, attention and love (or at least he thinks so or will). Jealousy is neither as serious nor as lasting as parents think. It is the little boy’s way of expressing his feelings for the changes, and the usual thing is that they disappear when he gets used to them. But for now, he thinks that intruder has come to replace him. This feeling is normal and necessary: ​​a child who does not express any kind of jealousy, however small, may be hiding some other problem. At some point this situation will end and it will go from being the unwanted brother to the new baby with him who wants to play.


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