Gaining weight during your pregnancy

As women it is normal to be alarmed from time to time at the time of gaining weight, technically society has been configured to judge a woman when gaining weight. But today we are not only going to tell you that you should not worry but that it is totally normal, so that when you reach the moment in your life where you live the pregnancy stage you do not suffer when you see the balance rise. Each body gains weight differently and it is always possible to lose weight later, it is true that the body will never be the same as it passes through a stage in which it has to give a lot and exert force on the same body to give birth to a new life.

To eat well during pregnancy, you not only have to increase the amount of what you eat a little, but pay special attention to what you eat. Do not eat less to not get fat, just be careful with the amounts and the food we eat. Eat what you eat you will gain weight, for the simple reason that you are now consuming for two people, clearly you will not eat the same amount that you would consume twice but you must take into account that when eating the same nutrients were not enough for the development of your and your child’s metabolism. During pregnancy, the woman pays special attention to her health, since it reverts directly to the development of the baby in the womb. Feeding is key in pregnancy and we know that all the foods consumed contribute to the development and growth of the baby. Remember both obesity and thinness can generate a pregnancy at risk, everything in moderation is better.

Weight gain depends a lot on each pregnant woman. If you start the pregnancy with overweight, the gynecologist will control your evolution more, so you may get less fat. If you have a tendency to retain fluids you will gain more weight, and the same happens if you are going to have twins or triplets. So how you can see the evolution and process of each woman depends on multiple reasons. Some foods called superfoods for pregnancy help to satisfy cravings and help the healthy development of your baby, these are: oatmeal in flakes or flakes, coconut, baobab (This is a fruit that we get dehydrated in supermarkets, acidic fruit of African origin), sweet potato or sweet potato, blueberries, flaxseed, chia, quinoa, curcuma, spirulina and moringa seeds.

From that moment on, the ideal increase is one and a half kilograms per month. Normal is an increase of 9 to 14 kilograms over the nine months. The trick is to eat healthy and in normal amounts, maintaining – or establishing if you still did not do it – the 5 meals a day, without skipping any. Avoid the idea of ​​small snacks between meals, since you end up eating more what you owe and are generally elements that do not add nutritional value to our body or childbirth and eating more fruits and vegetables is also important.


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