The benefits of exercise during a pregnancy

As human beings we must recognize that exercise is vital for a healthy life at any stage of our lives, but today we will talk about the importance of maintaining a healthy life during pregnancy since we are not only maintaining our life but the life of a human being developing in our womb, but for this reason we must be careful when performing them since we cannot perform all kinds of activities. This is why we usually carry out activities as a couple, guided activities or group activities to constantly follow the instructions of a guide.

It is quite likely that you already know that exercising, whether it is a yoga class, cycling, swimming or running, can be especially useful not only when it comes to losing weight and preventing chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. It is also useful when keeping joints and muscles in good condition, feeling better. So we can see how keeping in constant motion can help not only a healthy life but also prevent consequences due to lack of exercise. Problems such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, relieves pelvic pain and back pain, helps relieve constipation during pregnancy, helps you sleep better and facilitates postpartum recovery can be avoided.

We must remind you that no doubt every pregnant woman should talk to her doctor before beginning any physical activity. Not all women react equally to this new state and many factors must be taken into account when prescribing physical exercise in pregnant women. We all have different metabolisms and our bodies react differently to all types of activity.

As for the state of the baby, performing intense physical exercise is studied that they are normally born with a lower weight, but this weight is usually due to a lower subcutaneous fat, so it does not pose any problem so that they are not alarmed and that this does not avoid physical activities or at least none have been found. Even so, it is more advisable for a pregnant woman to do moderate activities.

Pre-natal exercises. Beautiful pregnant woman exercising while sitting in lotus position

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