The true meaning of christmas

Since childhood, the holiday or time of the year I looked forward to most was Christmas, it was that occasion that filled the house with lights, colors and all kinds of decorations. The idea of ​​a tree inside the house full of decorations and lights made me vibrate and get excited as you can not imagine, but within all this Christmas shock and wonder there was always an expectation: the idea of ​​a Christmas gift under that precious tree, Either the Child God or Santa Claus, we took it for granted that in the morning after Christmas we would find objects, toys and other elements that «make» Christmas, when in reality the union in family and love is what fills our hearts and make Christmas so special.

It is already a tradition that every year at least there will be a gift under the tree, but year after year the expectation grows, in my case when making the letter to the Child God, I added some things so absurd that they were not achieved in the country where I lived , but as I had always sold the idea of ​​this Child who carries gifts around the world, I always thought: «If you travel around the world so easily, I could make a stop in Japan to bring me a Pokemon,» you can imagine how difficult it was For my parents to satisfy the Christmas wishes of a 5-year-old girl with access to the internet and international gift catalogs. Christmas has become this excuse to consume in a colossal way, if we think about it from an economic point of view, most parents get into debt or achieve the greatest level of stress of the year at Christmas. You will wonder why? What happens now that we did not happen before ?, Well I tell you that the simple idea of ​​having to buy a list of gifts for the children is enough, with this come the dinners, vacations and other expenses.

Before Christmas was this time when receiving was the best, we had everything on the table, multiple gifts and we were not aware of where they came from. When I realized that my parents were the ones who brought me the gifts, it is as if I were living a play where two people fall in love and the curtain falls and I realize that it was just a show. As we grow and make this transition from young people to adults we realize that this white Christmas is really an excuse to fill us with happiness from objects and the idea of ​​sharing.

Being honest, at this point in my life within my plans is to have a family, have my children and teach them and present the wonders that it offers us every day, I would love to present the idea of ​​Christmas from a sharing perspective, from A perspective of love, union, hope and magic. The material has been presented to us as a tradition but if we think, for many it is not a necessity, it simply accustoms us to an absurd idea of ​​perfection and supply that is not only false, but idealizes a time as special as the moment For «Uncovering gifts», we have lost the meaning of Christmas. If I ask my family, friends or acquaintances if they enjoy Christmas, many people throw me yes, but the phrase I hear that is repeated constantly is «But it is not the same as before.» I cannot define or determine traditions that fit the expectations of each individual but believe me that if we focus on the emotions and vibes that made us feel Christmas instead of what I should buy or that I want to receive to be happy, we would have a rune again Christmas magic

Remember how Hamilton Wright Mabi said: «Blessed is the date that unites the whole world in a conspiracy of love.»


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