Sleeping in the same bed as your baby

When you are little you have the habit of wanting to be accompanied or with your parents constantly, even when it is time to sleep. It brings us not only tranquility, but that feeling of protection and support, as if everything bad in the world disappears. From my personal experience, I could tell you that when I was little I had a little sleep alone, I had constant nightmares where I woke up at night crying, I had to sleep with the light on or my mother had to stay with me until I could reconcile my dream. For me the most anticipated day was Friday, since I could pass my mattress to my parents’ room for a weekend pajamas. We all have different sleeping habits, for some parents it is difficult to let their children sleep alone and for others it is easy and they prefer to accustom their children from small to sleeping in their own space.

Well, I tell you that this is a very debated topic, since some people believe that sleeping with their children generates problems in their habits when they grow up and others believe that it helps them to their emotional development. The idea of ​​sleeping with your children in the same bed when they are young has the name of «colecho», when you are a first-time father, you don’t know very well what to do with your child, you don’t know much and go to family councils of your mother , of friends, but what we must keep in mind is that a baby is not a mass-produced object, it is not the same configuration and personality for everyone, so ask if to know where they have to put their newborn baby to sleep go To ask different professionals for advice, they will go crazy and stay worse than we were before asking. For something there is the so-called maternal and paternal instinct, because they must determine through their relationship with their child what is best for him from his emotions and what they want to convey.

If we could distribute a survey among a thousand babies the answer will be clear and possibly everyone will agree: everyone wants to be with mom, the closer the better. Even studies by the Spanish pediatrician Carlos Gonzalez explain how to be in close contact with his mother’s body, the newborn not only sleeps better, but also regulates his physiology better (body temperature, breathing, heartbeat, among others). As parents when the baby grows, the transition is difficult since there is a habit of being able to monitor your baby’s sleep constantly, just like when you want to generate the new custom in the baby, your reaction will be to cry incessantly or until you fall asleep to show How annoying he is with the decision to sleep alone. The pediatrician Carlos Gonzalez recommends doing a regulated transit where in the day his naps take them in his crib alone, without mom being next to him to get used to and feel that he can do it instead of doing it one night waiting for his baby Tired of crying

What we want to tell you with this is that as parents they have the right to choose the upbringing of their children, that they have the possibility of hearing advice from others is acceptable, but remember that no one will have a closer relationship or know better the development or Emotional of your children than yourselves.


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