Teaching positive kids

When we talk about educating our children positively, what comes to mind? I immediately came to a scene full of laughter and games to educate our children, a space where there is no scolding or punishment and a colorful and cheerful space. Well, what would you say if I tell you that educating in positive has nothing to do with the games and entertainment of your child? Educating in a positive way is to give confidence, love and understanding to your children, it is to allow them to develop their creativity without limits, it is to accept that like every human being we will have our capacities and limitations, but that regardless of the problem we will always motivate them and support so that they grow with confidence in themselves. If you are frequent readers of 123pormi you will realize that each day we reach the same conclusion, we must provide enough love and affection to our children so that they grow healthy and strong. But something that we do not remind you is that love and affection means imposing norms and limits, means correcting improper actions when necessary. If as a parent you feel bad about imposing the norm, remember that in order to educate a positive child, he / she must keep in mind that we are part of a society that lives by means of norms and that if he / she follows the norms he / she will reach far in a correct way .

We could say that the key to educating a positive child is patience, as human beings we all have a limit, we reach the point where the «nonsense» questions overwhelm us. Every time this happens remember that we all went through the question stage every minute, where our curiosity was so abundant that everything we saw seemed wonderful to us, that every sound, smell or new color we saw caused us curiosity. Clearly when we were little we were looking for answers, that is how the children are now, they are in a constant search to answer what for them are enigmas, new challenges to explain, that is why they constantly ask about everything that surrounds them. So every time you reach the limit of your patience, remember that you have in your hands the creativity of your child, you can be the one to turn off the spark of creativity or who turns it on, so that nothing ever stops to amaze them. Think as a child, let yourself be amazed in the same way and reach the point where you find new things that will leave you impressed.

Another key to educating a positive child is the encouragement and encouragement we provide them to do new things, but to explain this key we have to recognize something as parents, or simply as human beings, we are critical beings, where everything what we see, smell or taste generates an opinion, sometimes it is good, sometimes not so much. But somehow being parents this idea of ​​distinction between good and bad is exhausted, we reach a point where we believe that our children are the best in everything, if we hear them sing, they are the best singing, if we see them paint, they are the best painting or if we see them dancing, for us they will always be the best dancing. Here is where we want to teach you to distinguish between «encourage» and «praise», with this we do not mean that if your child does not have a capacity now, it does not mean that he can not obtain it with dedication and practice. But we want to tell all the fathers and mothers who read, that, if they put their children on a constant pedestal, where they believe they have nothing to correct or improve, the point will come where they will crash into the world or against people who, no matter how beautiful or ugly they sound, will land them on the reality of the world. Remind your children that one of the most valuable skills a human being can have is perseverance and that with practice there is nothing they can not achieve.

With all this we do not want to tell you that this is how you should educate your children on a day-to-day basis, as parents we must discover which teaching methods work best for us. But remember that both love, patience and encouragement are things that are not taught, but are born from the heart, are born to see your child in the eyes and see the potential they have.


On behalf of the 123pormi team we want to apologize to our readers, since yesterday there was no post, it was a technical problem that will not be repeated. We return to our regular schedule with our daily publications.


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