International day to support victims of torture.

The UN determined today June 26 as the international day to support the victims of torture, on December 12, 1997 the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization established this day to support the victims, in order to eradicate these In practice, the UN defines these torture practices as «cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment for human beings». This practice acts against humanity, but with the creation of this day we can demonstrate how united and mobilized humanity can be the greatest tool to put an end to these medieval customs.

Torture seeks to alienate the personality of the victim, when they are denied their rights and the dignity that is inherent to every human being. Despite the absolute prohibition of torture under international law, it persists in all countries of the world.

The concern to protect the safety of all the inhabitants of the planet has increased, after having found in 2012 illegal pits of torture in Côte d’Ivoire, the United Nations has tried to dismantle acts of violence like these that have happened for generations in terrorist groups. This will be one of the acts that will not be allowed, since the United Nations has determined this act as one of the vilest that can happen to a human being. This act is a crime under international law, it can not be justified in any way. This prohibition, when signed under international law, establishes that if a country does not sign the document directly, it is attached to international treaties of torture, this was done by the UN in order to reach every corner of the world and to understand that the Torture is a crime against humanity.

This is the opportunity we have as a community to call attention and protest against people who come to torture, as well as to call the attention of all people who do not know the situation of the victims, this day was created in order to that we unite and press to release all the people who are being tortured at this moment, in this way to eradicate this cruel and degrading practice.

Other people that we must keep in mind are those who have gone through situations where they have been tortured, the UN has specialized recovery centers to work on the rehabilitation of the victims, since torture is one of the most traumatic and cruel experiences for which a person passes.

As individuals we must keep in mind that the planet is so big that only one person will not be able to mobilize the whole world, but little by little we unite and create movements where people can unite, so that our voices are heard, we will create a force that nobody will be able to win. If we all contribute little by little so that the people of the world find out about the situation that many people around the world are going through, the indignation and sadness will mobilize us to prevent other people from having their rights violated.

Human Rights Day in Somalia
Singers wearing hats advocating «No Torture» line up before performing at a Human Rights Day event outside of Mogadishu Central Prison in Somalia on December 10. Human Rights Day was marked in Somalia by an event held outside of Mogadishu Central Prison. A variety of performances by singers and dancers were held there, as well as speeches given by government officials and civil society representatives. AU UN IST PHOTO / Tobin Jones.

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