World day for the elimination of sexual violence in conflict

Today the UN promotes the international day for the elimination of sexual violence in armed conflicts, this means the elimination of sexual abuse and confrontation by extremist groups, which take regions from multiple countries around the world and take women, men and children / as objects that can be denied their rights to physically abuse them. The UN is an organization that promotes support and acceptance among countries, environmental problems, but we could say that something that is not tolerated by the United Nations is the violation of human rights, in situations like these we would say that it is outrageous that we go through situations of this caliber, where we all must support each other, we must remember in times of conflict like the one we are now, that does not happen to us or we do not see situations like these before our eyes, does not want To say that they do not exist, we should not be indifferent to situations of abuse in front of any person.

The United Nations determined that on June 19 of each year it would be the International Day for the elimination of sexual violence in conflict. This day is commemorated as they came to public opinion that some extremist armed groups called Boko Haram, Al Shabaab and Islamic State were involved in sexual violence in small towns through which they passed, abusing women, men and children. For this reason June 19 was commemorated to celebrate Security Council Resolution 1820 adopted on June 19, 2008, which recognizes for the first time that sexual violence is a tactic of war that does not directly affect an entire state, but to an individual; that these strategies of extremist groups threaten international peace and stability. To this day, 68% of cases of sexual violence are due to armed conflict, which is why the UN is slowly trying to raise awareness so that we can rise as a community in solidarity and love for others to end sexual violence around the world. world.

We could say that today we are dealing with such a sensitive day so that we can see what some people are going through, because today we are not going through it, it does not mean that tomorrow we will not be the ones in danger. Here we must remember that we are all human beings, that we deserve our rights, that we deserve to live in peace, that we deserve peace of mind. If you know of a situation where sexual violence occurs, immediately call the authorities, do not be silent because of fear, fear makes us smaller. If we become a society that gets up together in the most difficult times we will be one step closer to peace.


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