The importance of failure

Human beings are curious beings, we like to know new things, learn new things, get new knowledge and learn new skills; We will not always succeed at the first time, sometimes we must try multiple times to be successful. The problem is that we are human beings, we are not perfect and for this reason we sometimes «throw in the towel» or give up. It is for this reason that today we want to talk about the importance of failure, as falling is going to help us get up stronger than ever, always remember to tell yourself, your children, brothers / sisters, parents, friends or acquaintances that the true value is not in triumph but in trying, it is preferable to say what you tried not to have dared to do it. Not trying is the true failure.

As parents we usually want our children to be the best in everything they can, but we must always think: Am I pushing my child to be the best? Or am I inspiring my son / daughter to try and not be afraid to fail? Have you ever seen that your child does not want to do something new and fun but it looks a little complicated, because it is probably because they are afraid to fail, afraid that something bad will happen if they do not succeed. Well, I’ll tell you that winning is as important as losing, losing not only teaches us to be stronger, but teaches us to improve ourselves, teaches us to fight for what we want and gives us satisfaction when we see that all the effort We have put paid off.

I will explain this from a more personal point of view, my school experience was always very rewarding, I always got good grades, I did not lose exams, I never had a problem of coexistence, I never lost a subject nor was I reported by low grades, we could say I was very good at school thanks to the support my parents gave me. There was a day in the eighth grade that I decided I wanted to change schools, I felt I did not learn enough, I did not see subjects like philosophy, chemistry, physics, among others; that other schools were already seeing years ago and I had no idea what they were dealing with. My parents supported me and helped me to find a new school, I arrived at a school where there were many more students, going from a room of 15 students to one of 35, the change was not the easy and wonderful experience that I imagined, it turns out Not only did he not know about classes like philosophy, physics or chemistry, but he seemed to know nothing. They were advanced knowledge for me, things that I had never seen before crossed my mind and I began to see that apparently it was not as good as I thought. There were times when I got frustrated, I no longer received the best possible grades, but I barely passed exams, I studied all night with my dad and my mom to see if I could understand the topics better, sometimes there were times when it was 11 the night and continued studying mathematics with my dad in the study and broke down in tears. But there is something I will never forget about this experience and that is that neither my father nor my mother pushed me to «succeed», they just told me that the most important thing was my mental health, that it did not stress me or frustrate me, I did not have to measure myself with the knowledge of other people who had been studying these subjects for some time, of which I had no idea. Little would know that semester little by little trying every day I started to raise my grades to the point of being in the honor roll for effort and dedication.

With this I realized that I needed to fall to get up and learn something new, we can not always be the best, but we can be persistent and be the best at trying it. Surrendering does not give us anything, it will not give us happiness or satisfaction. Remember that if you do not try, you will be left with a tasteless life all of your life. What would you have done if you had tried at least?


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