World no tobacco day

Yesterday was the International Day against tobacco according to the UN, as we were at the end of the Solidarity week we left until today to tell you which is the #NoTobacco initiative that joins hospitals around the United States to promote lung health. The UN with the World Health Organization conducted a study where statistics show that tobacco and cigarettes deteriorate human life a 60% if you are a habitual consumer. Since tobacco is legal around the world we adjust to the idea that there are no repercussions when consuming it, but we do not think about the direct consequences that it has in our bodies.

The focus of the International Day against tobacco is a campaign that raises impact on all those people who consume tobacco and cigarettes, to recognize the risk in which they put their respiratory health, the role that our lungs play in our wellbeing is indispensable, tobacco use can generate from lung cancer to chronic respiratory problems where the body would have to live tied to a respiratory machine to survive. The campaign also hopes to generate an echo in governments where they generate policies to reduce tobacco use, because we know that if you create a prohibition the reaction will not be the best and we will make a bigger problem.

In 123pormi we want the following idea to resonate in their consciences: because the human being creates elements that will make our life in earth harder and worse with the  excuse of recreation. We have to find a balance in our existence where we don’t need more than what a healthy life offers. If you are a parent remember the example you give your children, or if your children are in a situation where they decided to consume tobacco remember them the love you have for them and how you’ll help to overcome their fears.



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