Solidarity with our parents

Today in 123pormi we will talk about family solidarity, especially appreciation with our parents. We can say that being a father or a mother is not easy, if we can not always have a stable life worrying just for us, now put the life of a little human being in your hands. So you have a deep and sincere desire to do things right, it’s not always going to be possible, being a father is full of surprises that can bring you joy, love, worry, fatigue and all kinds of emotions.

With the passing of time we grow like our ideologies and thoughts, when we had 5 and we wanted an ice cream immediately the switch of tantrum is activated, this is our solution to achieve what we want, to generate irritation was our main method of defense. When we grow up we make ourselves to the idea that we are always right and that we live in this regime where our parents decide that it is better for us. We could define this stage in “The Law of the ice” where we began to take rebellious attitudes where the idea of cooperation disappears from our head.

We must recognize that not all parents and children are not equal, parents have training and educational obligations where they must impose their authority. Remember that no father had a course “to be Father 101”, this is learned over time and there are occasions where you never learn because each child is different. When we were young we were aware that we needed our parents to survive and that they gave us life. When we grow the idea of independence is born and themost common is to make our life away from home.

We are now great, independent with our own ideas; Some see their parents once a week, others call every day, others live that the schedules do not add up. We get to the point of independence where we do not give thanks for us, now less for those who raised us and who helped to create our ideologies. In the week of the solidarity we want to remind you that no one is perfect, if the relationship with your parents is not the best show them that you can overcome any emotions and give them love. And if your relationship with them is very good and is part of your day to day show how much you love them, tell them something that is not expected, something that will take the biggest smile



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