Solidarity with yourself

When we talk about solidarity we think about supporting and providing shelter to the other. But solidarity is like love, but you give love to yourself you will not know what it is to give love to others.So today in 123pormi we will not give you tips on how to love, we will tell you because it is important to love.

How much do you look in the mirror and say you love yourself? You’ll probably say, I wake up tired and I don’t lookin the mirror to say how much I love. For a study of the University of Pennsylvania in the United States is proposed to evaluate because people look in the mirror, put an eye reader in a mirror, to see the reaction and that is the first thing people do to see their reflection. The study presented that only 27% of people smile to see, and that more than 53% begin to touch the face reviewing and finding what they think are “imperfections”. So I ask you, every time you look in the mirror and you’re disappointed in what you see?

Many of us know that we must take care of ourselves, thatwe should not abuse or abuse our bodies. But I’ll tell you what it means to love oneself: to love ourselves means to give us the opportunity to discover great potential and greatness that we have inside of us, we are strong and determinate to overcome every obstacle, love each other, respect ourselves, loving ourselves means stopping judging, criticizing and compared to others.

I’ll give you an example of life Lizzy Howell, is a 17-year-old girl who lives in new York, United States; His passion since childhood was the ballet, but according to the stereotypes of society had a big obstacle in front of her, her weight, she counts as she had never told her aunt his love for the ballet classes because she was sure her aunt would help her. You wonder why it’s bad to support her and want to enter ballet classes if it’s always what she wanted? Because Lizzy was afraid, afraid to fail, afraid of being judged by her weight in a discipline where everyone has as lender figure. Her aunt tells he she has to overcome her fears, Lizzy starts Ballet classes, now she is one of the most exceptional dancers, manages to do pirouettes that many would like.

You may ask yourself why it is important this story, simple, Lizzy discovered that if she really is loved must lose the fear of being judged, lose the fear of failure. Many throughout their lives wonder that we came to the world, that we came to serve, because I tell you that you came to love, to dare to be yourself, welcoming our reality without the stereotypes of other people going through our path. Many often judge people by their weight, race, culture, ideology, gender or sexual orientation. But remember that we all have insecurities, the greatest virtue you can have is love them, loves to be fat, skinny, tall, low because it is who you are, love everything of yourself, the good, the bad, the pretty and the ugly.

We leave the reflection with a few words from David Sant: “You must love yourself so intensely, that when others seeyou, know exactly how they owe you love”



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