Let’s leave evolution to nature


Today at 123pormi we want to talk about genetic manipulation and how we have to act to this issue.

We humans have reached a point in our comfort zone where we believe that everything we can do and modify according to our needs. In this case our fantasy is to know how the human body works, especially the brain and our intellect to get to the point where we can copy it and create a copy in an animal body. What we do not have in mind is that at some point in history our species saw the need to evolve to become the thinking being that we are. The question is where does the need to modify or create adouble of our species lie?

Life in general is a debate, everyone has an opinion and amoral position. There are often many people who defend genetic testing as they are with the end of making better the human race. In an article of the South African Medical Journal the say “The potential for increased and more precise diagnostic testing has expanded, with the introduction of next-generations sequencing technologies”. Where we are presented that testing and genetic modification improves our life expectancy, whose purpose is to cure diseases and have the information for next generations to defend themselves.

We know that in a debate there will always be individuals who will benefit and others who do not, in this case according to science the human race would come out on top but according to The Italy Journal of Science and Communication: “ We should be concerned about people “tampering with nature” as part of scientific and technological progress, had attitudes more in favour of of biotechnology than other groups of people and nature” Here is where we ask ourselves if it is justified to engage artificially with our genes by testing other animals to fix what has not yet been damaged. As we finish with the natural order that at some point the evolution has determined.

We tend to be a species that goes ahead to what is involved in our evolution, if we need to finish species to evaluate genetic modifications that potentially could help the human race to be more resilient. According to an article of BBC Health: “This kind of study, where people introduce human cells into animals, are essentially a science experiment. But if a clear ethical limit is not marked, science is in danger of creating “Frankenstein-like monsters.” Here we must keep in mind how we are attacking the resources and nature that surrounds us to get to improve our expectations of life without a place in which we can live in. Since issues like global warming are not going to end our resources before us with genetic modifications.

With the aforementioned we are aware that we are trying to modify a species that is surviving better than any other, But as dissatisfied beings that we are we do not have enough, because we have to have control over our own evolution. We responded to because little by little we are ending ourresources and nature to improve and overcome expectations of life.



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