International childhood day

The first of June was the day of childhood! You will probably wonder if this day is not celebrated in April, because we tell you that childhood’s Day is different than children’s day. Child’s Day has become a commercial excuse to pamper our children, but children’s Day is born in 1956 in the general assembly of the United Nations. This day was born after the United Nations make a census and approximately six million children they suffered injuries caused by war or have died as a result of the wars. There are over three hundred thousand children under the age of 18 who currently serve as fighters around the world.

This day begins as a solution to involve our children in situations where the don’t belong, like work spaces, fights or even wars. Showing that this is not the place for a child, they need an environment full of love, where parents should promote activities that are involved with their learning or entertainment. When people say “our children are the future of the world”, it does not mean that we should throw them into reality when they are not prepared, life is divided into stages like when you practice karate, the more you grow and more prepared these will give you a belt of a color to show you that you have achieved a new state of maturity, for children this is age; For this reason we must not meddle with the innocence and purity of a child.

In some countries, it is compulsory for all boys and girls to go through military training since age 12, to throw children into an unknown situation is like your parents when you were little throw you into a pool without you knowing how to swim, the situation they put you in is living or living. Do you really want that feeling of survival to be what dominates our children? Or would you prefer that they could live a life full of happiness.

This day is special for us in 123pormi because it does not look for a capitalist answer pushing all parents to buy their child a gift. But it shows us how the best gift we can give to all the children of the world is Love, freedom, an environment of friendly life, protection and security. Show them that their life is full of choices, that they can be happy in their own way, without having to learn to use a weapon, without having to learn to defend themselves, without knowing that in this world our answer for everything is winning or winning.



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